Quirk Box is one of the most sought after Art and Fashion labels around, we're fun, crazy, and passionate and we work our asses off. If the sound of any of this excites you, you might be at the right place.

Intern With Us

We seek interns who are not defined by their degrees or awards rather by their unique style, experience or perspective. Internships are available throughout the year, and we're always happy to take you on, provided you are passionate about the brand, about your craft and about wanting to contribute while you learn. Internships are available for a minimum of 12-16 weeks only at our studios in Pune.

Internships Offered


Graphic Designer

We only take on Design Interns from Graphic Design, Communication Design, Visual Communication or Fine Art Backgrounds. Fashion Communication, Fashion Design, Accessory or any Fashion related professionals are not taken on.

Incomplete Mails without Covering letters and Portfolios will be ignored.

Please make sure that your portfolio is a Behance link or a PDF file no more than 5Mb. Send in your Portfolio and CV to work@thequirkbox.com with the Subject "Internship at Quirk Box - Name of your Field”.

Blogger Collaborations:

Quirk Box is a Designer Art and Fashion label and in a time when every second person is a Fashion Blogger and we are reached out to by over 500 emails a month, we hope you understand that we may not be able to respond to all of you, or all of your promptly.

We are open to Blogger collaborations, these could include Garment Features or Giveaways. We only work with Fashion Bloggers and Not Beauty Bloggers. Your Blog must be Fashion Driven with the intent to promote the Brand you are collaborating with, if your Blog is a personal propaganda of selfies, we are not the Brand for you. It is mandatory that your pictures be of high quality and art directed with professionalism. We are not interested in the number of your followers, but in the Quality of your Content and Curation.

We do not work with any monetary transactions and may work on a barter based of the quality of your Blog/work only. If and only If you match the profile, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share our guidelines.

Please send us a detailed email along with your Instagram, Facebook and Blog links to info@thequirkbox.com with the Subject "Blogger Collaboration" and our team shall get in touch with you. We look forward to creating and curating great content with you.


Models looking to shoot for our collections/promotions, can send their images to work@thequirkbox.com with the subject "QUIRK MODEL". We only work with models based in Mumbai or Pune.